Pierre Goldie, Founder

It has been a great experience working with Stefan.
He is clued up, professional and efficient. Always a pleasure working with competent individuals.

Lindsay Krause, PR Manager

Stefan is one of the most motivated leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with. His go-getter attitude is completely contagious and each encounter with him leaves you feeling inspired.

Ton Dobbe, Author

I've come to know Stefan as a highly action-oriented and data-driven marketer. He's eager to learn and always willing to provide generous feedback and help to make others around him grow.

Kelly Romer, Head of People

Stefan is probably one of the best people that I have had the privilege of working with. He is always levelheaded, calm and thinks logically and rationally about every decision he makes, whether it is for his team, individually or for the organisation.

Neil Clulow, Software Engineer

Working with Stefan is an absolute pleasure, he is a professional individual that always brings his A-game to the table. He is truly a talented individual that knows how to create and market a brand, I have not seen somebody this passionate about what they do in a long time.

Mieke Erasmus, Lecturer

I had the privilege of inviting Stefan Maritz to lecture at AAA School of Advertising, and I can't recommend him enough as a guest lecturer. His talk on 5th-dimensional branding and design in the fourth industrial revolution left a lasting impact on the students. Stefan's ability to connect with the audience and convey complex concepts in an engaging manner is truly impressive.

He has a unique talent for making the subject matter come alive, and I have no doubt that his passion and expertise would make him an outstanding guest lecturer for any educational institution. Stefan Maritz is not just a speaker; he's an inspiration to students and educators alike.

Jaco Roets, Founder

Stefan is a wizard that de-mystified Marketing for us. Taking us from having no marketing to a clear strategy, for branding, communication and leading indicators to track. We would not be able to have achieved the growth we have without his help.


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